Diesel Mechanics Gladstone

Our diesel mechanic services

At GMW Mechanical & Towing, we offer comprehensive breakdown and recovery services for diesel vehicles around Gladstone and the surrounding areas. Our diesel mechanical services include:

Our mechanics can get your diesel vehicle on the road again in quick time, minimising any delays caused by your breakdown and ensuring that your vehicle is in good working order for the next leg of your journey.


If you’d like to book in a service, give us a call today on 07 4973 5735 or contact us online!

4wd On A Beach

4 Wheel Drives (4WD)

We offer a comprehensive range of 4WD repairs, servicing and maintenance services. Whether you need your brand new 4WD set up for optimal performance, want the best servicing and maintenance for your family off-road vehicle or need reliable servicing carried out for your fleet of work 4WD vehicles, we have the team and the workshop to ensure you get the highest standards of work carried out. Our services include:

  • Logbook servicing
  • Exhaust installations and servicing
  • Safety certificates
  • Quality spare part replacement

Signs you need a diesel mechanic

Diesel vehicles need regular maintenance and servicing to stay in good condition, just like any other engines. If your diesel engine is beginning to lose power and efficiency, it could be a sign that you need a mechanic to take a look at it. Other signs that a diesel engine is in need of some attention from a mechanic include:

These could all point to various serious faults in a diesel vehicle and will need attention as soon as possible.

Common diesel problems

There are many common diesel problems which, as diesel mechanics, we see regularly.

Engine Overheating

Engine overheating is the number one problem found in diesel engines, and it can be caused by engines being pushed too hard. Engine overheating can cause serious damage to the bearings and crankshaft of the vehicle, as well as to the cylinder heads of the engine.

Oil Leaks

Oil leaks are also a common occurrence in diesel vehicles, often caused by ageing engine parts including seals and gaskets. An oil leak poses both an environmental risk – contributing to pollution around your vehicle – and a serious fire risk, as well as, of course, leading to a steady loss of fuel.

Worn Down Parts

Diesel engines also sometimes fail because certain heavy-use parts have steadily worn down over time. Pistons, gaskets, and cylinder heads all receive a lot of daily wear in a diesel engine, and when these parts fail they can cause a serious breakdown. An experienced diesel mechanic should be able to quickly identify and replace failing parts of your diesel engine to get you back up and running in no time.

Why choose GMW Mechanical & Towing?

At GMW Mechanical & Towing, we have years of experience working with diesel vehicles from all over the world. Our service is fast, efficient, and designed to get your diesel vehicle back on the road as quickly as possible. Call us on 07 4973 5735 any time, 24/7, and our expert mechanics will get out to you as soon as possible.

A Gladstone diesel mechanic pouring oil into an engine
A diesel engine after being repaired by a Gladstone Diesel Mechanic
A disassembled mechanical high pressure diesel pump in Gladstone


Do you offer free quotes?

We can try and give you an estimate of the cost of your repairs over the phone, but we’ll need to see your vehicle in person before we can give you an accurate quote for repairs.

How should I look after my diesel engine?

Looking after a diesel engine isn’t that dissimilar to looking after a regular engine; schedule regular oil changes to keep all engine parts well lubricated and don’t push your vehicle too hard.

Will you repair or tow my vehicle?

Whether your vehicle needs towing or repairing entirely depends on how and why it’s broken down. Simple fixes can be done on the road, while more complicated repairs, including replacement parts, will need to be carried out back at our garage.

A 4x4 being towed to a diesel mechanic in Gladstone