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Radiator failure can damage an engine if left unchecked. It may be that a new car radiator is required but car radiator repair can be possible in many instances. At GMW, we offer car radiator repairs in Gladstone. There are many ways a car radiator can fail, and many types of repair that may be needed. Our mechanics can diagnose the problem and determine the best course of action to get your radiator back in working order before starting the work.

The more common radiator repair services include:

  • Radiator leak repairs
  • Core unclogging
  • Radiator recore
  • Coolant replacement
  • Radiator restoration for classic/vintage cars
  • Radiator replacement
  • Fan belt replacement
  • Hose repairs/replacement
  • Fan repairs

Signs That You Are Experiencing Radiator Issues

There are various things that could go wrong with your car radiator. Some are more serious than others, but all will need attention sooner rather than later. If you fail to address the problem, it will get worse and could end up damaging the engine.

Look for the following symptoms of radiator problems:

  • The vehicle feels hotter than usual and the temperature gauge moves into the red
  • Your check engine light may illuminate
  • You may spot puddles under your car where coolant is leaking
  • You may discover wet patches on or around the radiator and the hoses
Car Mechanic Holding A Radiator

Radiator Replacement Services Available

At GMW, we will always look for a way to repair a radiator that has failed. However, in some cases a repair simply is not the right way forward. Our mechanics will make a thorough diagnosis of the problem and offer their expert advice on the best way to move forward.

When a repair is not possible, we can provide a fast, reliable radiator replacement service in Gladstone. This will completely replace your car radiator with a brand new, fully-operational unit complete with warranty for peace of mind.

Car Mechanic Is Changing Radiator

We Service All Car Makes & Models

At GMW Mechanical & Towing, our experienced mechanics work on all makes and models of vehicles, including classic cars and contemporary models. We can source hard-to-find radiator parts for your vehicle and offer competitive prices on all of our services no matter what you’re driving. With years of experience repairing car radiators and engines of all makes and models, you can rest assured that our expert mechanics can repair your vehicle quickly and efficiently every time.

Checking The Radiator Car

We Supply & Source A Wide Range Of Radiator Parts And Products

Whether your car needs repairs or replacements, we know how to repair and replace essential radiator parts on all types of vehicles and source the best quality spare parts for your car at the best possible price. We work with partners all over Australia to source hard-to-find spare parts for rare models, and our range of products and parts means that you can choose the perfect replacements to get your car working just the way you want it.

Professional Radiator Repair Service

It Is Better To Repair Or Replace A Radiator?

This depends entirely on the problem the radiator is having, and how severe the problem has become. In many cases, the sooner you bring your car in after discovering the problem, the more likely it is that a repair will resolve the issue.

Of course, some problems are more serious than others and you may not always spot them early on. For example, a little rust could be addressed with a repair, but if the radiator shows signs of actual corrosion then it will need to be replaced. Our expert mechanics can help and will always offer honest advice on the best course of action.

Car Radiator On A Car

Book A Radiator Inspection Today

If you are concerned about your car radiator and would like to book a car radiator inspection in Gladstone, contact GMW today. Our friendly team will book an appointment for you to bring your car in to be examined by one of our experienced mechanics. We’ll have you on the road to a solution in no time.


Can a radiator leak be repaired?

This depends on the severity of the leak. In some cases, a minor leak caused by a punctured tube can be repaired. However, for larger leaks, it may be better to book a radiator replacement to ensure further leaks to not develop in future.

Can you drive a car with a radiator leak?

It would be dangerous to do this as the engine could overheat very quickly. If you become aware of a leak, you should book an appointment with a mechanic as soon as possible.