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Roadworthy and Vehicle Inspections Available

Are you looking to sell your vehicle? Or are you in the market to buy a car and need a second opinion? GMW Mechanical & Towing offers affordable roadworthy certificates and vehicle inspections for finance, pre-purchase, resale and roadworthy purposes. Our in house inspection station can service cars, trailers, caravans / campervans and more.

In Queensland, strict rules govern vehicle safety requirements, and inspection guidelines dictate components that must pass a comprehensive check to earn certification. A qualified mechanic must carry out the inspection, and each area or component must be functional, undamaged, and free of potential safety issues. Our roadworthy’s and vehicle inspections will check the following:

GMW Mechanics providing a roadworthy certificate in Gladstone

Your vehicle is also road tested for a minimum 8km to ensure there are no further faults to be found.

When we’ve completed the inspection we will send you a detailed report with any issues and our recommendations for repairs, if any are required. For roadworthy inspections, we’ll also provide an official certificate if the requirements are met.

Why you need a roadworthy certificate before selling your vehicle

Queensland state law demands an up to date roadworthy certificate in certain situations, including when selling a vehicle. Rules apply to cars, motorcycles, and trailers with an aggregate trailer mass between 750kg and 3,500kg. Failure to obtain a safety certificate when required will result in refusal of registration and could create an easily avoidable hassle for the buyer and seller.

Acquiring a roadworthy certificate is the first step for anyone wanting to sell a vehicle. A lack of certification can turn off potential buyers, weaken a seller’s position, and decrease the value of the sale item. An up to date safety certificate not only gives the buyer peace of mind by also provides the seller with an effective negotiation tool.

Department of Transport and Main Roads will refuse registration of an uncertified vehicle when:

Benefits of a vehicle inspection for a buyer

Vehicle safety legislation protects drivers, other road users, and buyers. Knowledge creates peace of mind, and a comprehensive safety check takes the guesswork out of a new purchase. Obtaining a pre purchase vehicle inspection benefits the buyer in several ways by ensuring:

A customer talking to reception about their roadworthy certificate in Gladstone
A Roadworthy Certificate in Gladstone

What happens if my vehicle doesn’t pass the roadworthy inspection?

Occasionally, a vehicle will fail a safety check. In that case, the inspector will provide a comprehensive report outlining the problem areas and required fixes. Solutions can range from simple to more complex, depending on which components require attention, and all issues must be addressed before a vehicle is eligible for certification.


Department of Transport and Main Roads allow 14 days for the completion of repairs, and a second safety inspection verifies compliance. Provided that a qualified mechanic carries out the work, a remedied vehicle should have no trouble passing its final roadworthy check.

How to get a roadworthy certificate

Roadworthy certificates are mandatory in some situations, and a comprehensive safety check provides peace of mind to buyers and sellers alike. If you’re considering selling, transferring registration, or registering an unregistered vehicle, you’ll need an up to date safety certificate.

Our team at GMW Mechanical & Towing Gladstone are the region’s premier roadworthy experts. Time is valuable, and we have the knowledge and experience to get your vehicle in, out, and roadworthy with minimal fuss. 

Get in touch with our friendly team on 07 4973 5735 today to book an inspection or discuss your needs further.

A roadworthy inspection on a vehicle's engine in Gladstone